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Dear Entrepreneur

You may have already realised like many other online entrepreneurs, that running an online business requires someone who can multi-task. It can become very frustrating maintaining your “thank you” pages, trying to keep your download links safe, creating payment buttons, trying to keep track of the customer sales details, tracking your sales, refunds etc… I could go on but you get the idea, the list is never ending!

Well WP Sales Automator solves those problems, doesn’t matter if you sell individual products or run memberships based sites. WPSA can do both it’s a wordpress membership plugin and digital products plugin in one!

I know the problem very well, that’s why I made it my mission to create an automated system. That had all the advanced features to run on autopilot, but at the same time super easy to setup and use… WP Sales Automator was born!

…Yes there is already software and plugins that will help automate your business, but be prepared to dig deep. Because your wallet will take a BIG hit. That basically puts it out of reach for many people…

Another problem I found, some software plugins available are over complicated and takes hours, sometimes days to setup from start to finish. So many options and templates that need tweaking, it makes you want to tear your hair out. Talk about frustrating!

What If I Gave You A Simple & Affordable Solution?

With This WordPress Plugin, You Can…

Easy plugin install and setup – WP Sales Automator was created with ease of use in mind, simply upload the zip file and activate, complete a few settings and ready to accept sales :)

Simple product & subscription management – Displays a quick overview of active products for sale and active subscriptions. Easily add, edit and delete with one click.

Customer management – Displays an overview of both subscriptions and product sales. Plus for all transactions both subscription and product sales, on any refunds or cancellations it will automatically deactivate access.

Product Sales log – The product sales page details product(s) purchased by each customer, including the transactions info, referral url so you can see exactly how they found your site (helps you identify which promotion is working and generating the most sales – very powerful!).

Subscription log – The subscriptions page, details signup date, duration and if it’s recurring or not.

Downloads management – All product sales are protected with encrypted links to hide the real location, you can also use time limited or max download counts to add extra security. Plus for any customer who needs to re-download their purchase, it’s all automated. They can easily reset and have the download link sent to their paypal email, it’s a huge customer support time saver!

Content protection - All content you want for members is protected with one click of the mouse, if a visitor does not have an active subscription they cannot access the content, it’s that simple! you have the option to select which categories are just for members and normal visitors, not only that but also down to specific posts and pages.

Teaser content - Encourage visitors to signup to your membership with teaser content, enter into the excerpt box and it will display the content on the home page, in categories and search results. When the visitor then tries to access the post directory they are asked to signup with a link to subscription options.

As you read this page I hope you’re getting a good idea what WP Sales Automator does and how it can help your online business! at the basic level it helps you automate your sales and membership subscriptions, at the advanced level it does all the technical things so you don’t need to!

…like creating your payment buttons on the fly when adding a post or page, control the subscription secure access to specific categories, posts and pages or product sales download files and also emails the customer automatically after payment is received with the download details. Provide teaser content to non-paying subscription members, protect product files with expiring download links and more.

So just to recap…

Add as many products as you want without having to worry about the ongoing manual operations.

Add multiple membership levels with automatic payment collection with teaser content and protection.

Protect product files with auto expiring download links or limit how many times the link can be accessed.

Track customer subscriptions with various transactions details, such as duration, status and more!

Track product sales with customer IP, products purchased, referral url and more!

And much more!…

Here Are A Few Screenshots Of This Plugin:

Main Configuration Page

Adding product(s)

Product sales:
You can add all details (text, images etc.) of your product/s to a post, then the visitor has the option to select one or more products and the price will auto update the total cost, the visitor then clicks the payment button and is redirected to paypal to complete the transaction.


Download Protection: Protect Your Download Link either with Time Limit or Number Of Download limit. COOL!

Email Delivery Template: You can also send the download link through Email using the template...

Membership Sites: You have the option to offer 2 different trial periods...

Membership Content: Adding content to your membership site is soooo easy. After clicking the publish button, the post will be live and because you select the “subscribers” radio button, only members with active subscriptions will be able to access the post content.

Additional options other membership plugins don't provide are...

Currencies: Here is the list of currencies you can use for your membership site or product sales! Awesome!


Plenty of options

Now they are plenty of options to choose from when deciding to create a membership site, stand alone software applications as well other wordpress membership plugins. A very important factor to think about though, is price and features…

On one hand you have a budget to think about, on the other hand are features. We all want the best bang for our buck, but in most instances the best features equal a high price. That’s perfectly fine if your budget stretches to hundreds of dollars.

If you compare WP Sales Automator to other plugins, I would be the first to admit it does not currently have every feature! but many are planned for future release and that’s why the decision was made to offer you the plugin at a price for EVERY budget.

It’s under priced for one reason only, I want as many people to at least give the plugin a try. I don’t want you to read this page and think yeah the features look promising and get to the price and close the page because it’s too high!

…and I nearly forgot you can even install on unlimited blogs you own!

If you are not completely satisfied with WP Sales Automator or related addons or plugins, simply contact us within 14 days for a full, no-hassle refund.

IMPORTANT, Before You Continue...
The Price Will Increase
Every 5 Sales By $0.10

Price Freezing In Effect!
Due to popular demand, we have decided to FREEZE the price temporarily!


Current Price is $9.97

To Your Profits,

Ken Sar

PS. I want to let you have this Complete Sales System for as little as it is, and that is why I am running this dimesales. Make sure to grab yours now...

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